Below you will find some testimonials which illustrate what some people have experienced from their sessions.

Wow, I feel really, really good -- a marked difference!
- Gwen W.
I feel so relaxed. I came to you (at first) with one problem and now all of my issues are going away.
- Nadja T.
When I get a session with you, I feel relaxed and I feel 'all together'.
- Walter H.
I feel a lot of flushing of toxins from the work, clearing out, stuff sorting itself out. I'm getting more mobility in the area (of the surgery).
- Al S.
After my first ZB, I felt like my life was like the part in the movie The Wizard of Oz where it goes from black and white to color. What a change!
- Melissa S.
Ah, I feel like myself again!
- Susan C.
I got a massage from Julie and she really put me back together again after all the stress and aches from moving.
- Lee H.C.
My nine month old son stopped spitting up from acid reflux multiple times in the evening after one 1 hour CST session.
- Abby A.
I had a headache for over a month, and that first session was enough to make it go away finally.
- Terry R.