Therapies Available Include

Massage Therapy (Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Swedish): Full body massage provides a deep feeling of well-being. It prevents injuries and is a wonderful restorative therapy when received on a regular basis.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST): From the Osteopathic tradition, CST directly impacts the nervous system and can provide profound releases. Clients are very relaxed after a session.

Lymph Drainage: This gentle and rhythmic massage along specific pathways reinforces and even re-establishes the natural flow of lymph in the body which can be disrupted from injuries or surgeries. Proper flow of lymphatic fluid is essential to prevent the painful build up of fluids which also impedes oxygen and nutrients from reaching tissue cells. Wounds heal faster when the build up of lymph is reduced. Although the work is light, it is very relaxing and immediately reduces swelling in acute (recent) injury or surgery areas.

Visceral Manipulation (VM): (gentle organ massage and loosening of surrounding tissues): Posture problems, excessive emotional stress, surgeries and physical injuries can cause tension in the abdominal area. Manipulation is very effective in relaxing the body and preventing potential problems.

Zero Balancing (ZB): (Structural Acupressure): Developed by an Osteopath, Zero Balancing is both relaxing and energizing. It gently aligns the joints of the body so that gravitational forces can move through the system with greater efficiency. No longer fighting gravity with every step, clients have more energy, and often feel taller, lighter, and a whole body-felt sense of integration after a session.

Brain Nuclei Release Therapy (BNR): Brain Nuclei Release Therapy is a hands-on, manual therapy designed to treat the grey and white matter of the brain and spinal cord which comprise the central nervous system (CNS). It is particularly helpful for injuries such as whiplash, birth difficulties, falls or other trauma.